Salerno: police protection for Vincenzo Rubano

The reporter had received threats. He collaborates with “Striscia” and Vittorio Brumotti, who meanwhile has been attacked with a knife

The Prefect of Salerno has ordered police protection measures to protect the journalist Vincenzo Rubano, collaborator of “La Repubblica” and “La Città di Salerno”, who for years has been part of the team of Vittorio Brumotti, a correspondent from Striscia la Notiza. This police protection is a security service linked by radio both in front of his home in Camerota (Salerno), in the place where he works, in the places where he will go to give legal evidence and during public events. The news was made public on January 21st 2020. Vincenzo Rubano has for some time received threats because of his work.

THE JOURNALIST“Fear – wrote Rubano on Facebook – is part of my job. I’m right to be afraid but I have to go on anyway, with determination, with courage and with the usual passion. I thank the Prefect of Salerno, the Provincial Commander of the Police and the other members of the technical teams who have put together this safety measure which allows me to continue to carry out my work regularly, without any curtailment. It’s nice to know that the state doesn’t abandon anyone. “

THE THREATS – The most serious attack on him occurred on September 26th 2019 in Pescara, where he was attacked by a group of people while he was in the Rancitelli district, with the Striscia la Notizia crew , for a video reportage on drug dealing. In that incident , Vincenzo Rubano was physically attacked and had to receive treatment from doctors in the emergency department. Together with Brumotti he then suffered other threats and attacks also in Naples in the Traiano district, in the Parco Verde of Caivano, in Trani and in the Zen district of Palermo. Investigators are also worried about one of the latest reports, shot in Calabria, in the Municipality of Guardavalle (Catanzaro), where “Striscia la notizia” has discovered that a statue of the patron saint donated to the Municipality by the Gallace family one of the most powerful crime syndicate members in Calabria has been removed from the main square (watch here the report).


Vittorio Brumotti and his collaborators, including Rubano, continue the investigations into drug dealing in Italian cities and suffer other threats and attacks. The latest serious incident occurred in Monza whilst reporting there when Vittorio Brumotti and his cameraman were stabbed. The reporter from Striscia was struck in the chest but the stabbing had no serious consequences since the reporter was wearing a bulletproof vest. Whereas the cameraman, who at first was mistaken for a policeman was injured in the leg (see here the report).


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