Brindisi. The reporter Stefania De Cristofaro, sued for damages by a lawyer, is acquitted,

 The lawyer was the plaintiff in the trial and had sued her deeming two reports published in Brindisi Report defamatory. The reports were on another criminal trial

OSSIGENO 6th June 2021 – With a sentence issued on the 10th May 2021, the legal affairs reporter Stefania De Cristofaro was acquitted by the court of Rome of having defamed the lawyer Piero Lorusso (read here) who had sued her for damages together with the editor-in-chief Marcello Orlandini for two articles written in Brindisi Report (Citynews editorial group), on 17th and 19th January 2018. Stefania De Cristofaro had been following the trial of the journalist and former RAI presenter Eleonora De Nardis in Brindisi, accused of having wounded the lawyer Piero Lorusso, her partner at the time, in the arm with a knife in a house in the historic centre of Ostuni where the couple were on vacation.

Ossigeno has already reported other news on Stefania De Cristofaro (see here)

THE ACTION – The lawyer Lorusso had not appreciated the articles considering them ‘aimed exclusively at hitting his person in a gratuitous and arbitrary way’, and had sued the journalist for damages of 26 thousand euros, a demand soaring to 300 thousand euros in the case of an urgent appeal . Together with De Cristofaro he had also mentioned the managing director Marcello Orlandini.

THE JUDGMENT – Judge Cecilia Pratesi of the Court of Rome decreed that the articles adhered to the guidelines established by the Supreme Court on the legitimate exercise of the right to report, for ‘truth, relevance and moderation’. The lawyer Vittorio Rina of the Brindisi bar, Stefania De Cristofaro’s trusted defence counsel,  commented on how his client reported “True facts, adequately verified, told in a neutral and calm tone; the texts do not contain verbal excesses or expressions gratuitously offensive “. 


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