Libel. Journalist acquitted after a trial lasting 8 years. It started for comments on Facebook

Luigi Martino had reacted to social media posts commenting on the news of an investigation called “San Domenico” into usury 

OSSIGENO 9th June 2021 – The journalist Luigi Martino was acquitted by the Court of Vallo della Lucania (Salerno) of the charge of aggravated defamation. He had been sued eight  years ago for the content of some of his replies to Facebook posts. The Giornale del Cilento gave the news on May 24th 2021 (read here).

According to the online newspaper, “the news story, from which those alleging defamation took their cue, was the well-known usury investigation as part of the San Domenico operation. Some of the arrested and their families, considering themselves harmed by the comments made on Facebook, denounced them for aggravated defamation. After a trial lasting eight years, yesterday the sentence was issued by the single judge Romanelli with the full acquittal of all the accused ”.

Ossigeno has already taken up the case of another lawsuit involving Martino and even in that previous case the journalist was acquitted (read here). 


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