Milan. “Black April 29th “: New threats to Paolo Berizzi

The attacks on Twitter. The journalist had published two articles on the events to commemorate the right-wing student Sergio Ramelli, who was attacked in 1975.

On April 29th 2019, the journalist of La Repubblica Paolo Berizzi, who since February 2019 lives under guard because of the attacks received for his articles on the extreme right and for his book Nazitalia (read here), was threatened and insulted on social media after the publication of two articles on the so-called “Black April 29th “. On that date in Milan, also this year, neo-Fascists demonstrated in memory of Sergio Ramelli, student, activist of the Youth Front who died on April 29th 1975, following the injuries sustained on the previous March 13th when he was attacked by a group of activists linked to the Communist movement Avanguardia Operaia.

Paolo Berizzi has filed a formal complaint with the Bergamo police. Solidarity was expressed by the National Federation of Italian Press.

These are some of the insults and threats to the reporter on Twitter: “Infame”, “man of shit”, “coward”, “bastard”, “terrorist”;, “(one who) protects the names of rapists and paedophiles” (!), “Shame of Italy”, “Shame of Bergamo”, “psychopath”, “sewer”, “repressed”, ” you will carry your wounds to the coffin “,” you will pay for it “. It was Berizzi himself, on April 30th who described the episode in an article in the newspaper La Repubblica, comparing the attacks received to “beatings”.

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