Stones thrown against the team from “Striscia la Notizia ” filming drug dealing

In Zingonia, in the province of Bergamo, the correspondent Vittorio Brumotti was documenting the degrading scene. The police intervened.

On March 3rd 2019, some people threw stones and other objects at the Striscia la Notizia correspondent, Vittorio Brumotti, and his team. It happened in the Municipality of Ciserano, in the province of Bergamo, in the neighbourhood of Zingonia, where the reporter went to document the state of degradation of the area and the drug dealing that takes place in some areas. Brumotti had already done a report from Zingonia in 2017.

The correspondent from Striscia la Notizia phoned the Carabinieri, who arrived immediately. Before leaving the town the reporters from the satirical news programme found a bullet on the ground near their van.

Among the assailants there appeared to be some squatters in apartments in the neighbourhood. After the broadcast on the 4th March 2019 ( see here) three buildings were evacuated by the police.

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