Ossigeno has identified another 15 threats

Between February 21st and March 15th 2019 in Calabria, Lombardy, Veneto, Sicily. Read below the names of the reporters targeted and the details of each episode.

“Oxygen for Information” maintains that the episodes described below represent unjustifiable violations of freedom of expression and of the press. These 15 journalists and media operators directly affected were added to the List of names of the victims of unjustifiable attacks: Matteo Lauria, Sabrina Amoroso (Calabria), Monica Andolfatto, 5 photojournalists and video operators Eraclea (Veneto), Paolo Berizzi, Vittorio Brumotti and the Striscia la Notizia team (Lombardy) and Ros Belford (Sicily)

Matteo Lauria (Calabria)
On December 29th 2018 the judge of the Court of Castrovillari, Guglielmo Manera, acting alone, rejected the claim for compensation made 15 years before by Nicola Tridico, former president of the examining commission of a competition for social workers at the former local health agency of Rossano (Cosenza) , against the journalist Matteo Lauria, of Antonio Casimiro, local secretary of the Republican Party at the time of the events, and of Salvatore Caruso, editor of Radio Rossano Centro. The Court ordered Nicola Tridico to pay 50 per cent of the legal costs to each defendant.
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Sabrina Amoroso (Calabria)
The Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, in February 2019, notified four suspects of the conclusion of the investigation into the setting on fire on 31st January 2014, of the car of the journalist of the Gazzetta del Sud, Sabrina Amoroso.
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Monica Andolfatto, 5 photojournalists and video operators Eraclea (Veneto)
Following the anti-Camorra operation conducted by the Venice DDA, which led to the arrest of 50 people on February 19th , 2019, accused variously of criminal association of Mafia character and other serious crimes, it emerged that organized crime in 2009 wanted to fire shots at the reporter Monica Andolfatto. The intent was to intimidate her and hinder her work of precise and objective accounts of the events of crime and legal affairs in Veneto, where Andolfatto works for the newspaper Il Gazzettino.
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Paolo Berizzi (Lombardy)
On March 7th 2019 in Milan, an offensive and threatening sign was posted at a tram stop against journalist Paolo Berizzi. The poster was signed by the neo-Fascist group Militia. The journalist has received insults and threats from members of the extreme right about whom he has written hitherto unpublished news and exclusive inquiries. Since the 7th February he has been given a constant police escort.
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Vittorio Brumotti and the team from Striscia la Notizia (Lombardy)
The occupants of some buildings in a slum area of ​​Ciserano (BG), on the 3rd March 2019, targeted – with the throwing of objects and stones – the reporter from Striscia la Notizia, Vittorio Brumotti, and his team. Before leaving the town the team of the satirical news programme found a bullet on the ground near their van.
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Ros Belford (Sicily)
The British journalist Ros Belford was sued for libel by the mayor of Agrigento, Lillo Firetto and by the president of Confcommercio Sicilia, Francesco Picarella.
Both accuse Belford of damaging the image, prestige and reputation of the city and its residents and reserve the right to ask for a substantial financial compensation for the alleged damage caused by the journalist’s account of the Sicilian town published in the international tourist guide Rough Guide.
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