Unesco journalistic prize to Maria Ressa conferred by Marilù Mastrogiovanni

To put the spotlight on the growing phenomenon of arbitrary/ abusive judicial prosecutions, and the so-called SLAPP and threats against women journalists

OSSIGENO May 2, 2021 – With this statement, Marilù Mastrogiovanni, president of the Jury of the UNESCO International Journalism Award Guillermo Cano, announced the awarding of the 2021 prize to Maria Ressa, the Filipino naturalized American journalist, co-founder of the Rappler news site, one of the most criticism of the work of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. For this reason, Maria Ressa was arrested and sentenced. The award ceremony took place today in Namibia.

The situation of Maria Ressa is emblematic of the growing phenomenon of arbitrary/abusivejudicial prosecutions, and the so-called strategic lawsuits against public partecipation (SLAPP).
The case of Maria Ressais emblematicof this global trend which represents a real threat to press freedom,and therefore to democracy.
By awarding Maria Ressa, UNESCO would bring the spotlight on such concerns, as well as encourage and sensitize States to take ad-hoc measures to counter SLAPPs and online harassments aganst journalists, with particular reference to the one affecting women journalists.


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