Naples. Ossigeno Legal Desk assists the reporter Francesco Celardo

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With a contribution to the costs of suing two defendants who kicked him out of an ongoing trial in Naples

OSSIGENO 1 December 2023 – The Free Legal Desk of Ossigeno vedi, which operates in collaboration with Media Defence, has granted a monetary contribution to cover the legal expenses of the journalist Francesco Celardo to help him support his reasons regarding the affair  which this text written for Ossigeno summarizes.

by Francesco Celardo

I thank Ossigeno for the information and the financial support he is giving me regarding the bad story of which I was the victim and which I describe here in extreme summary. Two members of the Guardia di Finanza, the financial police, are accused by the Naples North Prosecutor’s Office of various crimes including ideological falsehood, material falsehood, abuse of official documents, in collaboration with a lawyer, six colleagues from other departments and two policemen.
During the public hearing of the penal trial, on October 17, 2023, I was present in the courtroom to carry out my work as a reporter. But the two defendants did not want me to hear the testimony of the officer who had conducted the investigations which led to the measures against them. They literally kicked me out of the courtroom, threatening to make intervene the prison police or to ask the judge for my removal from the hall. Eventually, I had to leave.
The next day I went to the Guardia di Finanza offices in Aversa and reported the incident. Ossigeno per l’Informazione broke the news, expressing solidarity with me and immediately intervened in my support by granting me a financial contribution to help me bring what happened to me before a judge. This from Ossigeno is a help that I consider indispensable for those like me who cannot afford a lawyer.
Francesco Celardo

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