Piacenza. Football bets. Last bet. Seven journalists acquitted

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They had told of presumed phone calls that a sports executive received from the so-called “Gypsy band”. For the judge, the fact does not constitute a crime (read more)

The news was reported by IlPiacenza.it (read) on January 19, 2018. The acquitted are: Giuliano Foschini and Marco Mensurati (larepubblica.it), Claudio Malagoli (gazzettino.it), Francesco Ceniti and Luigi Maria Perna (gazzetta.it), Lorenzo Pulcioni (sporterni.it) and Giorgio Barbieri (latribunaditreviso.it). In 2011, they had been sued by the former sporting director of the Atalanta Footbal club Carlo Osti who was allegedly defamed by some articles related to the judicial inquiry called “Last Bet”. The trial began in 2016. The prosecutor had requested the acquittal of two of them and sentenced to a 500 euro fine the other five.

PRECEDENTS – From 2011 to today, in Emilia Romagna, Ossigeno has detected 135 serious violations of the freedom of the press and of expression committed with illicit acts, acts of violence, and abuse against journalists, bloggers, video operators, photo reporters, publishers, whose names are published in the Observatory’s Table. In 2017, 37 names were added to this list.

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