Reporter of “Striscia la Notizia” films drug trafficking. Attacked 5 times in a month

Vittorio Brumotti and his crew were attacked in Rome, Padua, Milan and Bologna, between October 31st and December 2nd. After his services arrested some pushers

The correspondent of the TV show Striscia la Notizia, Vittorio Brumotti, and the three operators of his troupe were attacked five times in the course of a month while they were carrying out a television inquiry into drug dealing. Brumotti carried out his investigation by secretly filming, with hidden cameras, a sale of “stuff” in a public place and immediately after grasping a megaphone, revealing his true identity and pointing out the dealers, some of whom reacted violently.

The attacks took place in Rome, Padua, Milan and twice in Bologna, between October 31 and December 2, 2017. The attackers would be the ‘sentinels’ of the drug dealers and the pushers themselves, Italians and foreigners. On two occasions (in Rome and Bologna), law enforcement agents were needed. After the television reports were aired, the Carabinieri managed to arrest some dealers.

IN MILAN – The first assault occurred on October 31st in Milan, while Brumotti documented the drug dealing at the Colonne di San Lorenzo, a meeting place for the Milanese youth. The envoy was threatened with a broken bottle, then thrown at the crew by a man with a foreign accent (watch) who, after the airing of the service, was identified and arrested by the Carabinieri.

IN BOLOGNA – Two attacks suffered in the capital of Emilia, in the Montagnola district. On November 15, the envoy, pretending to be a buyer, had filmed the non-Italian drug dealers. When he revealed his true identity and denounced the incident with a megaphone he was attacked. The group of pushers present, all foreigners, destroyed the megaphone, stole a camera and, Brumotti says in the video (watch), “stole cell phones to the guys who tried to defend us”. The envoy called the Carabinieri and made a complaint against unknown persons. The police then organized a round-up in the Montagnola park and arrested for expanding some foreign citizens. The second attack occurred on November 28th. Also in this case, a group of foreigners, filmed during the drug dealing, chased the troupe, shoving the components and destroying a camera. One of them was identified by the Carabinieri intervened on the spot (read).

IN PADUA – In Padua occurred the fourth aggression, in the area of the station, on 22 November. Always a group of foreigners surrounded the troupe. One of them, riding a bike, slapped a cameraman; another spit on the other operator. The Carabinieri arrived on the spot (look). The next day a statement from the Police Headquarters in Padua announced that the man who had spat and arrested another member of the group, a Tunisian (read), had been identified.

IN ROME – The latest aggression happened in Rome on December 2 in the San Basilio district. The service was shot in two days. On the evening of December 1, Brumotti and his crew secretly filmed the trafficking scenes in the neighborhood. In this case, the people filmed were all Italian. In the film we see that when the envoy leaves the van where he was hidden and takes the megaphone, the “sentinels” of the neighborhood and the dealers present respond with insults and threats. The next day the crew returned to the scene with photos of the sentries asking for explanations. In addition to further threats, in the video it is possible to hear a shot coming from a building and a man with his face covered throwing a brick that hits one of the cameramen. The Carabinieri and an ambulance intervened on the spot. Brumotti has formalized charges for the aggression to the Commissary of Monterotondo, which is investigating for injuries and threats (see).

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