The latest BAD NEWS from Italy by Ossigeno

= Lawsuit then eight  months jail for Coviello

= Palermo. “We’ll put a bomb under you,” they say to the switchboard

= Napoli. Copies in the editorial offices of Fanpage. An empty trip

= Prato. A team from state broadcaster’s news service attacked

= Porto Empedocle. Two on trial for threats to a reporter

The Rocchelli trial

= Markiv sentenced for 24 years

= How was the conviction of Vitaly Markiv arrived at?

= Judges of Pavia: Don’t shoot at reporters

= Ukraine. Zelensky criticizes Markiv verdict

= Ukrainian Interior Minister disputes the verdict

= The defence says that there is no evidence

= The pros and cons of the Pavia trial

= “Markiv is innocent, he has always been a friend of reporters”

The ECPMF – Ossigeno Facts-finding mission in Italy

= President given “Much mafia, few news”

= “Much Mafia, Little News”. The text of the report

From our Legal Assistance Service

= Giulia Cerino assisted by Oxygen and acquitted

= “I wanted to give up and instead I am still here”

= “It’s nice to find someone who helps you”


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