Calabria. Journalist Guido Scarpino’s car on fire

He had just published two articles on a trial of the ‘ndrangheta clans of Cosenza. In 2014 he had suffered similar damage.

On the 11thMarch 2019 in Paola, in the province of Cosenza, unknown persons set alight the car of the journalist Guido Scarpino from the Quotidiano del Sud newspaper. The car, as confirmed by the Fire Brigade and the Police, was doused  with flammable liquid and then set alight. A Mafia connection  seems to emerge from the initial investigations.

In the previous two days, Scarpino had published articles on the “Tela del Ragno”trial, concerning the judicial investigation of eight “ndrangheta clans active in the area of ​​the Tyrrhenian Cosentino and on numerous murders. In the first article he gave an account of the conferring of nine life sentences and in the second he told, exclusively, that the alleged “regent” of the clan, Nella Serpa, had, in the courtroom, accused his cousin Giuliano of killing his brother.

This is the second time that Scarpino has been the victim of an incendiary attack. The previous episode dates back to 2014 at which time  Ossigeno reported it.

THE JOURNALIST – The journalist who received expressions of solidarity from Fnsi, the journalists union of Calabria and the world of politics commented to Ossigeno.“I want to underline the close support I received from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Carabinieri, the Police and the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission. Their solidarity and their commitment are important because they condemn the gesture that struck me not only as a person but as a journalist. This is fundamental. This time, compared to the 2014 fire, I felt less alone.

Parliamentary Hearing- On the 21stMarch 2019 the president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, Nicola Morra, presented to the Ministry of the Interior a parliamentary question which was also signed by the parliamentarians Arnaldo Lomuti and Ugo Grassi of the Five Star movement party.


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