Caivano (Napoli). Blogger attacked in front of the police while filming

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Mario Abenante (Minformo) was recording with his mobile phone a blaze which had flared up in a centre for refuse disposal

On the 25th July 2018 in Caivano (Naples) the blogger Mario Abenante, a collaborator with the website Minformo was threatened, insulted and attacked whilst he was recording with his mobile phone a blaze which had flared up in the centre for waste disposal.

Irritated by the presence of the blogger, several men insulted and attacked him, taking away and destroying his smartphone. The aggression was witnessed by the police who although appealed to by the reporter did not intervene. Abenante went to the Accident and Emergency department of Frattamaggiore. The following day he made a formal complaint about the episode to the police of Afragola. The images of the attack can be viewed on this link (see here). On the 30th July the blogger added to his complaint to the police that on the 27th and 29th July an individual on Facebook, commenting on the Minformo page, offended and insulted him maintaining that Abenante had begun the aggression and had himself thrown into the air the mobile phone with which he was recording the blaze.


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