“There is a new witness to the 1994 Mostar reporters massacre,” says Ossigeno

He showed up after the  publication in English of the story of the correspondents Alessandro Ota, Marco Luchetta and Dario D’Angelo of the state broadcaster Rai, killed by a bomb. The President of the Ossigeno Observatory: re-open inquiries immediately

OSSIGENO 9th June 2022“If investigations into the deaths of journalists in war were begun immediately, and conducted systematically with the necessary seriousness and thoroughness , even certain crucial testimonies could be collected immediately”. This was stated by the president of Ossigeno per lInformazione Alberto Spampinato, speaking at the meeting on the risks of journalism in wars underway at the Casa del Jazz in Rome.

“This was borne out by our publishing the story (also in English) of Alessandro Ota, Marco Luchetta and Dario D’Angelo, who died in an explosion in Mostar in January 1994 on the website “Cercavano la verità” (They sought the truth)  dedicated by Ossigeno to Italian journalists killed in Italy and abroad. They were Rai correspondents killed in a city divided in two by a front line, after having been authorized, after several delays, to enter the eastern area. Our publication also received attention abroad and especially by a witness who subsequently related the background and the circumstances on how that tragedy could have been avoided “.”We have tried to see – he added – if we could pick up on a line of investigation that was never followed up”. Today’s meeting was also followed remotely by the family of Alessandro Ota.


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