Covid. Insults and threatens on live tv to the presenter David Parenzo

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OSSIGENO 20 th April 2022 – Interviewed in Turin during an anti-vaccination protest, a
demonstrator directed insults and threats at the presenter David Parenzo who was in the
Rome studio of the La7 TV network programme "On air". The demonstrator raised his
middle finger, flipping the bird, at the camera, said "asshole" and other threatening phrases to
the reporter. The incident happened on the evening of January 8 th 2022 (see here) and was
broadcast live.
Shortly before, another demonstrator had said: “Send us Parenzo; we will have a few words
with him. That bastard … “One of them then turned to the camera, raised his middle finger in
the classic offensive gesture and insulted the journalist. David Parenzo, back in the studio,
reacted with a despondent smile. This is not the first time he has received insults, usually on
social media, for his opinions. (see Ossigeno).

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