Neapolis. Police escort assigned to journalist Mimmo Rubio for the threats

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The journalist told Ossigeno per l’Informazione :“I’m living very badly in this period”. Threatened twice in his town for supporting new anti virus lockdown measeres-+

“This morning I was assigned a fourth level police escort,” the journalist Mimmo Rubio, editor of the Arzano News Facebook page, told Ossigeno per l’Informazione, just as he was making contact with the carabinieri in charge of protecting him. In recent days Mimmo Rubio has received serious threats in addition to those he has suffered repeatedly in the past due to his articles about the Municipality of Arzano, where he lives, and where in 2019 its council was dissolved for the third time for infiltration by organized crime.

“I am living very badly in this situation – Mimmo Rubio said on the phone – I am worried for myself and especially for my mother who I live with. She is elderly and has been traumatized for some time by the acts of intimidation against me “.

The protection measures assigned to him in recent days have been requested by several groups.


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