Four policemen accused of beating up Stefano Origone

The investigation into the attack of the 23rd May 2019 in Genoa during a rally by Casapound (an Italian neo-Fascist movement) has been concluded.

There are four policemen under investigation in Genoa for the beating up of the journalist Stefano Origone, an editor of the “La Repubblica”, attacked in Genoa on May 23rd 2019, during the clashes that day between the police and the anti-Fascists protesting against a rally by Casapound. The four policemen of the Bolzaneto mobile unit are accused of serious injuries aggravated by the use of truncheons. It was made known on February 12th 2020 that the deputy prosecutor Gabriella Dotto has completed the investigation.

The journalist had two operations on his hand. Eight months after the events, the journalist returned to work but has not yet recovered the full functionality of two fingers.

For the clashes on that day, 60 demonstrators are also under investigation on charges of aggravated resistance, falsification and throwing of dangerous objects.

(Source ANSA)


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