Mafia. Catania’s prosecutor returns the mobile phone to Salvo Palazzolo

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The phone had been confiscated from him nine days before together with his archives after a judge ordered a house search. The case provoked protests and gestures of support.

On the 22nd September 2018 the supplementary prosecutor of Catania, Francesco Puleio had ordered the revoking of the confiscation of the telephone and the archives of Salvo Palazzolo, the reporter of La Repubblica who nine days before on the 14th September had had his house searched at the end of which two mobile phones, a tablet and three hard disks had been confiscated.

Palazzolo ended up in an investigation for revealing a state secret in a news article published in March 2018 in the daily newspaper La Repubblica in which he broke the news of the conclusion of the investigations into three policemen accused of having side-tracked the inquiries into the massacre of via D’Amelio, by guiding the statements of Vincenzo Scarantino. The prosecutor had charged him with having published the news three hours before the results had been notified to the interested parties (read here).

The case led to protests by the representatives of the journalists. The OSCE representative for media freedom, Harlem Desir also intervened and asked the minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation of the Italian government (read here) to ascertain the legitimacy of the measure taken by the prosecutor.


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