The Brioni lawsuit. The general prosecutor decides to set it aside

The public prosecutor of the Court of Pescara, Rosaria Vecchi has asked for the lawsuit to be set aside. The plaintiffs were opposed to this and asked that the reporter be referred to trial.

On the 26th September at the Court of Pescara the hearing was held to decide if the criminal trial for defamation should be set aside or not. The defamation procedure had been initiated by Brioni (a well-known company of luxury menswear, famous for having dressed important world figures) against the reporter Mauro D’Agostino, defended by the barrister Andrea Di Pietro on behalf of Ossigeno for his investigation published in the online newspaper which presented facts not appreciated by the company regarding the management of company premises, market choices, the drop in turnover and job-cutting after so many years of success which had made the Brioni brand world-famous.

Now the decision of the general prosecutor of the Pescara Court, Dr. Nicola Colantonio is awaited. If he accepts the opposition to the request of setting aside presented by Brioni, the public prosecutor will have to formalise the charge and thus D’Agostino will be sent for trial.

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