Mijatovic: Ossigeno sets an example on the UN’s proposals

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The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights congratulated the Observatory for its the work on the safety of reporters

“The activity of Ossigeno provides a good example of how we can help to implement what the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the UN have often recommended to the Member States “: said Dunja Mijatovic, Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe, in a video message sent to Ossigeno per l’Informazione, on the occasion of the conference “Journalists attacked, guilty unpunished”, which took place in Rome, in the Italian Senate, under the patronage of UNESCO, to celebrate United Nations World Day to put an end to the impunity for crimes against journalists. The Commissioner thanked Ossigeno for the organization of the event and congratulated it “for its work over many years of raising awareness on the safety of journalists in Italy and, bringing to light cases of attack that would otherwise remain largely unknown. Without a free and secure press – said Dunja Mijatovic – there can be no democracy. The current situation is critical but not irremediable. Nation states have the tools to change the direction. Now it is just a question of using them”. Dunja Mijatovic underlined that Italy can play a leading rôle in supporting initiatives to protect journalists. “Despite everything – she said, remembering the journalists killed in the past and the dangerous threats today – you, in Italy, have managed to preserve a very lively and diverse press and the police and the magistrates have provided journalists with life-saving protection measures for years. Furthermore, associations of journalists and non-governmental organizations constantly monitor freedom of the press “.


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