The latest Bad News from Italy – March 1st, 2020

Report on the worrying news about intimidation and threats to restrain freedom of the press in Italy and in Europe. All news come from the continuos monitoring done by the Ossigeno team

How many journalists are intimidated in Italy? Ossigeno has launched a comparative analysis between the data coming from its field monitoring and those published by other sources. The first results reveal very huge differences. This requires reflection, on how and why the most serious violations of the right to information in our country are represented in such a different way, because it is very different to say that there have been 29 or 156 or 1886 threatened without explaining how such results can coexist

For the Council of Europe: 29 journalists in Italy threatened in 5 years

Ossigeno’s data twelve times that of Interior Ministry

Ossigeno’s findings read out on TV at Sanremo Festival

If journalists reported better the news on threats

Legal Aid

Enrico Fierro defended by Ossigeno acquitted in lawsuit

Violations of the Right to information

“RAI was not impartial 1.5 million € fine from AGCOM

Italy and Europe

Migrants. More safeguards. Commissioner for H.R. urges Italy

ECHR: Renzo Magosso’s 2004 Sentence rejected

Review from Ossigeno’s monitoring of fact-checked threats

Shootout against a journalist near Naples

A reporter in trouble for a phone call to a magistrate

Ossigeno & the strange case of Silvio Leoni

Campobasso: a reporter insulted at Regional Council

He offended the memory of the gang boss: initial verdict overturned

Rome: Acca Larentia two reporters threatened

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