Puglia: Envelope containing bullets sent to Mimmo Carrieri

They were sent to his home address in a package along with a threatening message. A formal complaint has been submitted.

On the 3rd December 2018, the environmental journalist Mimmo Carrieri, correspondent from Sava (Taranto) for the online newspaper Viv@Voce and regional manager of the environmental association CPA, received a package with two unexploded bullets and a threatening message that read: “Mimmo Carrieri: when you least expect it, presumptuous asshole. “

The note was handwritten and the envelope was left, together with other correspondence, in the entrance hall of the reporter’s building. Carrieri made formal complaint with the police at the Sava police station. The journalist’s wife first noticed the package, who immediately warned him. Carrieri became suspicious when he touched the package wrapped in brown paper and felt something that resembled “two sugared almonds”. “So I went to the police and – he told Ossigeno – we opened the package together”.

The journalist is also involved as a journalist with environmental protection issues. In his articles he has also recently dealt with the problem of unauthorized street vendors.

Ossigeno has on numerous occasions concerned itself with Mimmo Carrieri who for years has received threats, even serious ones, for his activities.


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