Magician and assistant threaten a reporter

In Guidonia (Rome) the journalist Rossella Ricchiuti had exposed his activity by pretending to be a customer.

On November 23rd 2019, in Guidonia (Rome), while carrying out a video investigation on the business and scams that revolve around magic, the journalist Rossella Ricchiuti, correspondent for the TV show Fuori dal Coro (Rete 4), and her cameraman have been threatened by a self-styled magician who has already been indicted for exploiting a vulnerable person. Her report was broadcast on Rete 4 during the episode of November 26th.

The incident happened in the street, in front of the home-studio of Magician Vincenzo who, when he realized that he had explained his activity and his fees to a journalist, shouted from the balcony of his home to Rossella Ricchiuti: “Daughter of a whore, I’ll burn your car, I’ll burn your house.” In the meantime, a young man approached the car which the program crew was using and threatened the cameraman with death, making the sign of the cross, as stated in the official account given by the journalist to the police station of Rome Tuscolano. He is alleged to have said, “You are a walking dead man … what did you come to do … I am not afraid of the camera,”.

THE FACTS – Ricchiuti showed up at the studio of Mago Vincenzo as the 68-year-old calls himself, equipped with a hidden camera, pretending to be a customer eager for help in getting her man to return. The self-styled magician explained the details of the ritual and the cost of his services: 3800 euro, of which 1500 to be paid immediately.

The reporter said she did not have the sum demanded with her and made an appointment to pay the money. When she showed up for the appointment, in the street, in front of the study, she was accompanied by the film crew. She identified herself as a journalist and asked the “wizard” for explanations. The man fled and hurled heavy threats from the balcony of his house. Another individual threatened the reporter and the video operator.

APREVIOUS INCIDENT – In March 2019, the journalist reported an attack by representatives of CasaPound, while working for the RAI programme “Prima dell’Alba” (Before Dawn). In September 2019, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the case for lack of evidence of a crime. Ricchiuti told Ossigeno “It is important, however, not to let matters slip and always make a formal complaint”.

Andrea De Tommasi

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