Puglia. Tv team records secretely drug-dealing. Attacked

The reporter Vittorio Brumotti and his collaborators recorded also the negotiations for a pistol inside an antique shop.

The correspondent from Striscia la NotiziaVittorio Brumotti was assaulted in Trani (Bari) on the 18th March 2019 whilst recording (see here) the sale of drugs inside an antique shop located in a street in the town centre.

With the help of an “accomplice”, Brumotti filmed with a hidden camera the negotiation for the purchase of a dose of cocaine. The seller also offered him the illegal purchase of a gun. The purchase was postponed to the following day. The reporter  from Striscia returned, along with his cameraman and a collaborator, telling the shop owner that they had secretly filmed everything the day before and would broadcast   it. The shop owner reacted violently. First he tried to lock up the reporter inside the shop. Then, in the street, he attacked Brumotti, tearing off his crash helmet and taking the video camera. Whilst Brumotti was locked up in the shop, his collaborator, Vincenzo Rubano, started shouting and loudly banging the door. In the meantime, the police were called who resolved the situation.

The reportage was broadcast on March 25th 2019 ( view here)


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