The latest BAD NEWS from Italy by Ossigeno

= Italy. In January 2019 Ossigeno identified one threat a day

= The last 14 threateneds identified by Ossigeno

= Why others report many less threats in Italy

= Police plan to drop guard on reporter Sandro Ruotolo

= Mafia. A new death threat made to Paolo Borrometi

Montante spied on three other journalists

= Modena. Stones thrown at a video-reporter

= Four reporters stalked by representatives of Milan football club

=Defamation: Chief Editor and a journalist from Il Fatto Quotidiano are acquitted

=Threats signed with a swastika sent to editor and other journalists

The fourth year of Ossigeno’s free legal aid has begun well

= Battipaglia. Correspondent of Striscia La Notizia is threatened with a knife

= Excrement thrown against the tobacconist’s shop belonging to the journalist’s father

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