Antonella Napoli: other threats for articles on Sudan

“The Muslim Brotherhood is also in Italy,” they wrote in an anonymous letter sent to the Italian National Federation of the Press (Fnsi). The journalist: let it be known.

New threats to her journalistic activity regarding Sudan against freelance journalist Antonella Napoli, founder and president of the association Italians for Darfur, and chief editor of the magazine Focus on Africa. On the 31st May, a letter was sent to the journalist at the headquarters of the FNSI in Rome. The envelope contained an A4 sheet with capital letters written on it: “You continue writing falsehoods about Sudan thinking you are safe but the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood are also in Italy and know you well. Be careful because next time we will not limit ourselves to a letter. “

The journalist reported the incident to the police. “The only way to protect myself and not leave myself isolated is to give space to this news – Antonella Napoli told Ossigeno – We are facing an unprecedented attack on the right to information”. The journalist’s appeal is to amplify the spread of news “rather than relegate it into a shadow”. Solidarity was expressed by Fnsi and from Article 21, of which Antonella Napoli is a member.

This is not the first time that Napoli has received threats from the “Muslim Brotherhood” group. On January 28th 2019, an e-mail signed by the “Southern Muslim Brothers”, with threats to the journalist, was sent to the Italians For Darfur association’s mail address. “You are the enemy of Sudan. You are not welcome in our country. If you don’t listen to us and return here, you will regret it. But it will be too late”, they had written to her in Arabic. Following those threats, the prefecture of Rome, since March 2019, has provided protection for the journalist and subject to vigilance. (read here)

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