Padua. Reporter attacked and derided because he wore a mask

Ivan Compasso from the daily “Padova Oggi” pushed around on the stage of a rally – Other journalists also mocked

OSSIGENO November 4th 2020 – On the 6th September 2020, the journalist Ivan Compasso, coordinator of the Padova Oggi portal, was attacked by the members of the Movimento 3V group (Vaccini Vogliamo Verità – We want the truth on vaccines) who had gathered in Piazza Prato della Valle, in Padua, for an electoral rally in view of the Regional Council elections for which some of them were candidates. Reporters noted that many participants in the demonstration did not comply with anti-contagion health protection measures and did not maintain safe distancing and they started asking why. The journalist was interviewed by Digos (Special Branch officers) about the incident, but has did not submitte a formal complaint.

Ivan Compasso took to the stage and asked the candidates why they were not wearing masks. Some of those present surrounded him, jostled him and shouted “double-crosser” and derided him for wearing a mask. The journalist left the stage but remained in the square. Protesters mocked him by pretending to hug him and sending him kisses.
Ivan Compasso reported that the protesters also mocked other journalists who wore masks and who tried to respect the minimum distances. These included the members of a tv crew and a reporter from a news agency.
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