The latest Bad News from Italy

Report on the worrying news about intimidation and threats to restrain freedom of the press in Italy and in Europe. All news come from the continuos monitoring done by the Ossigeno team

We start the Bad News from Italy’s reviews of year 2020 with a glance to the worrying final statistic of the hundreds of threats detected one by one by Ossigeno in Italy last year. Ossigeno reported each of them with articles you can read on the website  Soon we will report how bad this new year has begun for indipendent journalists that work to spread news on relevant topics. Yo can also see how the Legal Aid Service provided by Ossigeno has well worked in these last 5 years. Finally you find a report on the needing of a Press Freedom Police Codex in Italy. The last news is about the troubles that journalists covering Johnson Government’s affairs are facing after the Brexit.

In 2019 433 journalists threatened: 23% women, 24% in Lazio

Police and reporters

“You can’t film”. Police officers arrest video reporter

Police and video footage: rules and fair play

Press Freedom Police Codex. The full text

The free Legal Aid Service by Ossigeno & MLDI

Five years of Legal Aid: 26 aided for free, 8 gratuities and 10 victories

How Ossigeno’s Legal Aid Office came about

The Journalists’ Order relies on the work of Ossigeno

After Brexit, troubles for reporters in UK

AEJ accuses UK government of hypocrisy

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