The latest BAD NEWS from Italy by Ossigeno

Who capture Italian media – Prison for libel under scrutiny of High Court – How publish unwelcome news it is risky – A rain of threats, intimidation, retaliation and of long trial with fake charges that end with acquittals

= Who capture Italian media for private interests

= Libel. A sentence says: reform quickly . Editorial

=Threatened journalists: out of 1706 attacks, 21% are on women

= It was a news not a plot All charged acquitted after 8 years

= What to do if a news article looks like a conspiracy

Prison for libel in Italy

= High Court will decide on constitutionality

=Di Pietro: why the law is being examined by the Court

= Mennella: Removed in Burkina Faso and Liberia but not in Italy

= The Constitutional Court given the responsibility

The ECPMF facts-finding mission in Italy leaded by Ossigeno

= “Much Mafia, Little News”. The text of the report

Recent threats documented by Ossigeno

= Syracusa: Journalist who had been sued by former prosecutor Musco is acquitted

= Catania: He signalled cheating in the selection process. Someone waited outside his house to attack him

= Roma: Antonella Napoli: other threats for articles on Sudan

= Verona. Envelope with bullets sent to the investigative website

= Syracuse. The car of the journalist Gaetano Scariolo set on fire

= Sicily: Paolo Borrometi threatened by the heirs of the crime boss

= The Rome Football Team: slogans written on walls against 3 reporters of “La Repubblica”

= Reggio Calabria: a journalist’s car set on fire

= Mediaset’s lawsuits: two former Unità journalists acquitted in the first degree

= Clashes in Genoa: a reporter is beaten by policemen

= Tennis. Protests following the withdrawal of a pass from a well-known reporter

= Milan. “Black April 29th “: New threats to Paolo Berizzi

= Six newspapers cited for damages by the Municipality of Sperlonga

The trial for the killing of photo reporter Andrea Rocchelli

= The Prosecuting Magistrate asks for a 17 years sentence for Vitaly Markiv

= Ukrainian Minister defends Markiv


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