The latest BAD NEWS from Italy by Ossigeno

We report on a lot of worrying Italian news of last weeks. Next time we will report on the alarming trend we have seen in Italy at the beginning of this new year that started with 15 fact-checked threats in the first 15 days of January

= 10 years of Ossigeno on the Unexplored Continent

= In Sicily every year there are 10 years of prison sentences for defamation

= Palermo conference: Speeches by Vito Lo Monaco and Giulio Francese

= Borrometi: “I will speak about Avola” and Radio Avola panics

= Palermo: a lawsuit against Accursio Sabella for stalking has been dismissed

= Syracuse. Franco Oddo acquitted of the lawsuit initiated by the magistrate Musco

= Calabria. He threatened reporters and has now been sent for trial

= Biella: the right to criticise. The judge absolves La Voce del Canavese

= Rome: Stones thrown and threats directed at the journalist Nello Trocchia

= Rome: Anti-Semitic threats to made to a reporter from Radio Radical

= University courses for observers of threats to journalists

= Montenegro. Jovo Martinović sentenced to 18 months in jail

= Genoa Bridge. Autostrade company asks for 50 journalists to be investigated

= Bergamo. The protection measures for Paolo Berizzi are prolonged

= A Strange burglary at the house of a Fanpage journalist

= “A new example of the dramatic condition of the Italian media”

= Naples. Unknown individuals slash a reporter’s car tyres

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