The Latest Bad News from Italy n.4/2020 – 31 March

Report on the worrying news about intimidation and threats to restrain freedom of the press in Italy and in Europe. All news come from the continuous monitoring done by the Ossigeno team


The contagion data. What is wiser to face reality

The virus and disintermediation of democracy

The challenge of the virus to the identity of journalism

No imprisonment for libel. Italy waiting for Supreme Court

When an unfair justice system works in reverse

Legal Aid. Ossigeno’s gratuity to journalist from Latina Oggi

Calabria. The sentence: € 200 fine for slapping a journalist

Calabria. Is the dignity of a journalist worth so little?

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The latest intimidation detected in Italy By Ossigeno

Turin: cars of those who report the bonfires are on fire

Milan. Football: two reporters sue, blogger condemned

Bologna. Toxic mud: reporters initially sentenced then acquitted

Genova: 4 policemen accused of beating up Stefano Origone

Roma. More protection for Rai journalist Maria Grazia Mazzola

Roma. Verano trial: the prosecutor demands 6 years

Viterbo: Reporter and two trade unionists attacked

Macerata. Cronache Maceratesi wins another battle

Neapolis. The fans’ banner against the Metropolis newspaper

Pozzuoli: damage to a reporter’s car

Bari: Lawsuit against four journalists dismissed

Bari: State broadcaster’s news team attacked

Cilento: lawsuits – 2 reporters acquitted after eight years

Brindisi: 7 acquitted of charges by ex-prosecutor

Catania. Borrometi: prosecutor no feedback on the car bomb

Lentini: Facebook threats from the father of an arrested person

Locri: Mediaset journalist and team attacked

Here other 43 recent episodes detected in Italy by Ossigeno

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