The Latest Bad News from Italy n.3/2020 – 10 March

Report on the worrying news about intimidation and threats to restrain freedom of the press in Italy and in Europe. All news come from the continuos monitoring done by the Ossigeno team

This report presents on 43 recent episodes of intimidation and threats against journalists and bloggers ascertained in Italy by Ossigeno through fact-checking. Read more information on the website

Salerno: police protection for Vincenzo Rubano

Journalists and police: an incident in Trieste

Foggia: Go away! But the reporter does not leave

Anonymous threats to Scalfari and Verdelli

AEJ accuses UK government of hypocrisy

Reporter in trouble for a phone call to a magistrate

Ossigeno & the strange case of Silvio Leoni

Parish priest urges boycott of Metropolis

Death threats

Letter with Bullet sent to the reporter of Vairano

Death threats to two reporters from Arzano (Naples)

Puglia: Envelope containing bullets sent to Mimmo Carrieri

Shootout against a journalist near Naples

Casamonica clan family member threatens Nello Trocchia

Albania: Threatened after Rai investigation into narcos.

Aggression and damage

Assaulted whilst filming suspect waste dumping

Calabria: stones thrown at the car of Klaus Davi

Journalist whacked whilst photographing dilapidations

Magician and assistant threaten a reporter

Rome: Acca Larentia two reporters threatened

Canicattì: a reporter’s car damaged

Carsoli (L’Aquila). Journalist and cameraman denounce aggression

Livorno: Reporter attacked at rave party

Toni Colombo: Giletti’s team assaulted at Scafati

Naples: a team from Non è l’Arena attacked

Trento: damages and insults to Voce del Trentino staff

A window broken and Klaus Davi’s house entered


Anti-Semitic insults and threats to La Repubblica

The Mayor’s denials on wall posters in Pomigliano D’Arco

Messina Stadium Banner displayed against reporter

Campobasso: a reporter insulted at Regional Council


The Lega funds’ affair: L’Espresso reporters acquitted

Lawsuits against Volleyball for its criticisms

Spoleto: lawsuit from the former mayor collapses

He offended the memory of the gang boss: initial verdict overturned

Video interview on Black plotsreleased

ECHR: Renzo Magosso’s 2004 Sentence rejected

Enrico Fierro defended by Ossigeno acquitted in lawsuitC

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Itaca News

False accusations on Facebook: sentenced for libel

Augusta lawsuit dismissed The monthly “S” was right

Bari: Laera’s lawsuit against Mazzola dismissed

Social threats and hackers

Rai Report’s anchor-man Ranucci attacked by hackers

Pomezia: Mayor attacks reporter on Facebook

Facebook threats to editorial staff of “Cronache Nuoresi”

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